Waterite PPCC10-05 Polyspun/Carbon Block 5 mic Filter

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Waterite PPCC10-05  Polyspun/Carbon Block 5 mic Filter

Product Features:

  • Effective particle capture

  • Chlorine taste & odor reduction

  • Reduces Hydrogen Sulfide

  • Available in 5-micron ratings

  • 2 ½” cartridges for 10” standard housings

Operating Specifications:

FEED: Municipal or well water

TEMP. RANGE:5.0°C to 60.0°C

CAPACITY: determined by raw water turbidity

MICRON RATING:5 micron nominal

COLOR: white/blue

BODY MATERIAL: Cartridge end caps: molded polypropylene

Internal packing: spun polypropylene

POLYPROPYLENE: Virgin melt-blown polypropylene

CARBON: 20/50 mesh activated coconut shell GAC

GASKET: BUNA-N, low durometer

PACKAGING Plastic shrink wrapped and labeled

MODELS: Excelpure PPCC10-05

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