Waterite 120,000

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Logix Series 255/760 Demand Regeneration Water Softener

This system comes complete for easy installation with 3/4" copper tail pieces, by-pass valve, Brine Tank and tubing. 

System features include: 

  • 12-volt wall mount transformer
  • A microprocessor control monitors, measures and remembers your actual daily conditioned water useage
  • Attractive, efficient and compact design
  • The system regenerates automatically when necessary, based on your actual conditioned water needs
  • Simple programming insures that the system operates at maximum efficiency
  • Self-adjusting reserve capacity keeps the reserve to the proper minimum
  • A NOVRAM (non-volatile) memory chip stores essential water use data during power failures
  • Solid state electronics and a simple turbine metering system provide for a long, dependable operating life
  • Efficient new valve design provides a better flow rate and uses less water to regenerate the system
  • Redesigned valve disks ensure long life, perfect alignment and sealing
  • Large, strong injector and screen caps seat positively for better operation
  • Convenient separation feature lets you remove the control module from the valve by simply pulling on the locking bar
  • Automatic flow controller is incorporated right into the system to control backwash and fast rinse for maximum efficiency
  • Internal bypass automatically provides water during regeneration
  • Manufacturers Warranty - 5 year on Control and 10 year on tank

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