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Ultramax Water Softener UM-8150  1.5CUFT; 10X54; 268/860 LOGIX

Ultramax™ Standard Features:
Gold Seal Certified To NSF/ANSI 44 AND CSA B483.1
• 1" true high flow throughout system

• Flow Rates up to 25 gpm
• Only two moving parts in the water stream.
• 28 Day Self-Adjusting Variable Reserve (learns water usage)
• Fully Programmable Control
• Attractive and Durable Chrome Tank Jacket
• Easy to program
• Multi language display; including SPANISH and FRENCH - (268/860 only)
• Refills Brine Tank with Soft Water
• NOVRAM Memory with Super Capacitor Backup assures all critical information is stored, even during power outages
• Self sanitizes during regeneration, senses low brining with the Low salt/Chlorine generator sensor probe(268/860 only)
• Programmable Service reminder - reminds your customers to call you for servicing their equipment including RO filter changes.
• All Units Equipped with Safety Brine Valve Float Assembly Prevents Accidental Overflow and Salt Grid Assemblies
• In service display; Easy to read large text “Time of day”, additional buttons for water flow rate, capacity remaining (268/860 only)
Lifetime Warranty on Brine Tank, Resin Tank, Valve Body and Resin - 7 Years on All Other Parts

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