Tannin 1.5

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1.5CUFT; 45K; 255-740; RT10X54; BT14X34

255/740 LOGIX® Valve System Features:


• Electronic Time Clock Control (7- or 99- day regeneration  setting)  

• High efficiency regeneration sequence

• Digital Display * In service display will toggle between time of day and gallons remaining.

• 28 Day Variable Reserve (For Greater Efficiency) - learns your water usage; Calendar Override ;Customer lockout

• Economy Priced with Premium Features

• Full 3/4” Flow Throughout System

• Flow Rates Up To 15 GPM

• Only two moving parts in the water stream

• Easy to program

• Includes Brine Well and Safety Brine Valve Assembly

• NOVRAM Memory with Super Capacitor Backup assures all critical information is stored, even during power outages

• 12 Volt UL/CSA Electrical System with 12’ Cord (No Danger of Electrical Shock)

• Upper Distributor Prevents Loss of Resin to Service or Drain

• Warranty - 10 Years on Resin Tank, Brine Tank, 5 Years on Electronics, Valves and All Other Parts


Tannin Removal Media is a specialty purpose ion exchange resin designed to remove tannin's, organic color and other naturally occurring organics including organometallic complexes (such as heme iron) from drinking water. Resin is intended to be used as an organic trap in a stand-alone unit in conjunction with other ion exchange processes, such as water softening or demineralization.

How Tannin Filtration Media works:

Tannin removal media works via ion exchange.  Sodium chloride is generally preferred for regeneration for reasons of cost and efficiency. When available, sea water can be used quite effectively.  The organic fraction is typically bound up with colloidal particles of silica, iron or aluminum in a stable complex that is difficult to remove by standard ion exchange only. On exhaustion, regeneration with 10% brine solution at a dosage of approximately 128 g/l or 8 lbs/ft3 is usually sufficient to restore operating capacity. In smaller less demanding applications, it may be practical to simply top-dress an existing water softener as this eliminates extra equipment and allows use of the same brine solution to regenerate all resins. Top dressing of existing water should not be done if the water hardness is 10 gpg or more.

Tannin Concentration in Parts Per Million (PPM)
Water color
0 - 0.5
Faint tinge of yellow
0.5 - 2.0
Darker golden yellow (ginger ale)
2.0 - 3.0
Light tea color
3.0 - 5.0
Dark tea color

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