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Pro Products RK11K1 Res Care Easy Feeder Starter Kit  1oz./day

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The Pro Easy Feeder® makes it simple to clean and restore resin beds to peak efficiency and maintain water softener performance.

The Pro Easy Feeder is a non-electric, continuous feed dispenser designed for use with Pro Res Care. When empty, simply replace the old bottle with a new one and insert the wicking cap.

Pro Products recommends the ½ oz./day feeder for city water and the 1 oz./day feeder for rural water applications.

Installation Instructions:

1.  Remove wick assembly from box and submerge under water until wick is completely saturated. 
2. Remove brine tank lid. Drill two 1/4" holes 2" from top of the brine tank 1  3/8" apart and approximately 6" from the hole for the brine draw tube.
3. Drill a 1/2" hole in the center of the brine well cap.
4. Remove cap from 64 oz. Res Care bottle and hang on mounting bracket.
5. Remove wick assembly from the water and insert the knotted end of the tube into the bottle, making sure the wick touches the bottom of the bottle. Secure cap. Insert other end of tube completely into hole in the brine well cap.
6. Automatic feeding will start in a few hours.


This product is applied to the salt brine tank by a feeder which introduces a small amount into the brine tank.  The softener resin is cleaned during a regeneration cycle on a regular bases.

Pro Res Care Cleaner - 64 oz US

Feeder Yellow Wick - 12 cc or .5 oz daily dose and holds RK15K1

Feeder White Wick  - 30 cc or 1.0 oz daily dose and holds RK11K1

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