Pentek DFX-CB-20 Diamond Flow Polyspun/Carbon Block 10 mic Filter

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Pentek DFX-CB-20 Diamond Flow Polyspun/Carbon Block 10 mic Filter

DFX Series Diamond Flow cartridges are a unique, premium cartridge that utilizes several of the Pentair core competencies by merging technologies into one cartridge in order to bring customers a quality product. Diamond Flow Series cartridges offer the effective chlorine taste & odor reduction found in traditional Pentek carbon blocks, joined with the superior sediment reduction to resist premature plugging.

These dual purpose cartridges are well-suited for a wide range of applications.

Product Features:

  • High dirt-holding capacity maximizes utilization of the carbon block

  • Chlorine taste & odor reduction combined with superior sediment reduction

  • Twice as resistant to particulate plugging than standard carbon blocks

  • Available in 10-micron ratings

  • Standard size fits most systems

  • Low pressure drop

  • New product design with Pentair branding

Operating Specifications:

  • Part Number: 655148-43

  • Model: DFX-CB-20

  • Exterior Filter Media: Polypropylene Polyspun

  • Interior Filter Media: Carbon Block

  • End Caps: Polypropylene

  • Gaskets: Buna-N

  • Temperature Rating: 40°-125°F

  • Rating (Nominal): 10

  • Initial ΔP (PSI)@ Flow Rate (gpm): 1 psi @ 2 gpm

  • Chlorine Taste and Odor Reduction @ Flow Rate: 5,000 gal @ 2 gpm

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