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Most Durable & Maintenance-Free Water Conditioner

No Salt or Corrosive Chemicals Needed

You can finally treat hard water scale without the salt. (or any other chemicals!) Perfect for places  where salt-based softeners are banned or undesired.

No Backwashing or Regeneration

No backwashing means no salty drained water, no regeneration, and no drain to install. 100% environmentally friendly.

Scale Reduction and Prevention

Prolongs the lifespan of pipes and home appliances from clogging with calcium carbonate. Also reduces the existing scale that's already in your house. Much easier clean ups of hard water spotting on cars, windows, and dishes.

Cost efficient

Save $100-$200 per year just on salt refill costs when compared to traditional softeners. No electricity required means no extra energy expenses. Plus, you can save energy expenses due to the increased efficiency of your hot water heater.

Simple Installation

Compact single tank system, fits anywhere with ease. Simply connect to the main supply line of your house. Pipe in, pipe out. No time-consuming programmable controls to set and understand.

Little Maintenance

Virtually no maintenance.  This is a truly trouble-free "set it and forget" type of system. Pre-filter needs to be changed every 6 to 9 months

Known Health Benefits

Traditional ion exchange softeners produce salty water which contain high sodium content. Eliminating sodium intake can reduce health risks and improve your cardiovascular system.

Worry free

Under proper installation, we estimate the Filtersorb SP3 media will last a minimum of 5 to 8 years.



Operating Temperature          

5 – 70 C, 41 – 158 F

Ph Range

6.5 – 8.5

Ferrous Iron, MAX 

0.3 mg/L

Manganese, MAX

0.05 mg/L

Copper, MAX 

1.3 mg/L

Water Pressure (psi)

15 psi min, 100 psi max


< 3 ppm Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) <0.5 ppm

Grains of Hardness

>25 gpg, call for technical support

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

Must be removed prior to SP3 tank


Must be removed prior to SP3 tank


Must be removed prior to SP3 tank

Maximum Service Flow  (gpm)*


Filtersorb SP3 Media (Liters)


Overall System Height


Overall System Depth


Overall System Width



Included in the system - Filtersorb SP Filter Media, Enpress Mineral tank featuring the Vortech bottom distribution plate, C-Series in/out head, C-Series Bypass, 1" NPT PVC - plumbing adapters, 1" x 10" "Big Blue" housing with GAC prefilter with mounting bracket


* Service flow rate with a maximum hardness of 25 grains per gallon.

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