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Part Number:CFM-1.0-263-NEXSAND
1.0CUFT; NEXSAND; 263-742; RT9X48

Highly effective and economical sediment / turbidity / particulate reduction filters with higher flow rates, lower backwash rates, and finer filtration than the competition!

Nexsand particulate reduction filters are designed for convenient, automated turbidity and sediment reduction treatment without the need to replace filters. Nexsand filters backwash automatically as required to prevent clogging. The backwash is carefully controlled by a digital control valve which comes pre-programmed for your convenience.

All our systems utilize Nexsand media, the world's most advanced turbidity reduction media. In addition to providing much finer filtration than traditional sand and multi-media filters, Nexsand requires less backwash rate and volume, has higher service flow rates for a given volume of media, and it costs less too! It also outperforms FilterAg, FilterAg+, MicroZ, FilterZ and all other turbidity media. Nothing outperforms Nexsand!

  • Very fine filtration (3 to 5 microns nominal filtration possible)
  • High capacity filtration throughout the entire Nexsand bed depth provides more than twice the dirt-holding capacity of multimedia filtration
  • Superior flow rates 3-4 times that of multimedia
  • Cost-effective and long-lasting media (>5 years)
  • Simple, automated periodic backwash keeps the media clean and operating efficiently
  • Simple operation with no day-to-day maintenance
  • Brand-name digital control valve (Autotrol 263-742) with simple programming and operation
  • Great warranty (5 years on control valve, 10 years on tank)

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