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Part Number:HDT89DP-150
Two tank system for high hardness (>75gpg) water. First tank acts as the workhorse significantly reducing hardness while the second tank acts as a polisher. This prevents hardness leakage common in single tank systems. Salt efficiency is even more important on high hardness situations. The HEDP Series Softener offers salt -efficient upflow regeneration for ultimate salt savings.

  • True 1" porting provides high flow rates for larger homes
  • Upflow Regeneration with Optimal Precision Bringing provides high-efficiency performance and lowest possible salt usage
  • Adjustable backwash frequency saves up to 2000 gallons of water per year
  • Large 4 line Touch Pad LCD display. No confusing symbols or codes
  • Automatic reserve - adjusts based on actual usage
  • Automatic System Flush refreshes system during periods of non use preventing bacteria growth
  • Soft Water Recharge performs quick regeneration ensuring you never run out of soft water
  • Soft Water Brine Tank Refill conserves capacity and keeps brine tank clean
  • Time saving quick connect features on bypass, drain line and power cord
  • Meter immediate; meter delayed; meter override; vacation and calendar clock modes
  • Self charging capacitor keeps date / time of day for 48 hours while programming remains in permanent memory
  • Space saving bypass with integrated turbine meter
  • Seven Year Control Valve Warranty, Lifetime Warranty on Tanks

  • Salt Used - Per Regeneration                 18.0 lbs
  • Water Used - Regeneration                     148 gal
  • Hardness Removal - Grains                    75,000
  • Tank #1 Resin Quantity (ft3)                   1.5
  • Tank #2 Resin Quantity (ft3)                   1.5
  • Tank Size                                                  10 X 54
  • Brine Tank Size (inches)                          23  X 40.5
  • Salt Storage Capacity                               420 lbs
  • Flow Rate @ 15 psi Pressure Drop          7.4 gpm
  • Flow Rate @ 25 psi Pressure Drop          10.1 gpm
  • Backwash Flow Rate                                2.4 gpm
  • Shipping Weight                                       201 lbs
  • Regeneration Type                                    Upflow
  • Resin Type                                                Aquafine 8% High Capacity Ion Exchange Resin

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