GRO-HE-75-D Super High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System

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GRO-HE-75-D  Super High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System

These  compact  state of the art  Reverse  Osmosis  drinking water  systems provide superior water quality, eliminating the cost and inconvenience of bottled water, while saving water compared to traditional reverse osmosis systems with a 4:1 waste ratio.

This  quality water purification system will provide you with:

  • Super High Efficiency 75 GPD  Membrane

  • 50% Recovery Rate

  • J.G. Angle Stop Valve

  • Waste Ratio 1:1

  • Saves 75% of the water wasted by standard RO units

  • Compact Space Saving Design

  • 4 Stage Filtration Process

  • Encapsulated Membrane Design For Quick Replacement

  • High Capacity 4 Gallon Storage Tank With 3/8" Line To Faucet

  • Long Reach Designer Dispensing Faucet

  • Includes color coded fittings & all tubing for a simple installation

  • Designed For Ease of Operation

  • High Quality Water at an Affordable Price

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