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Part Number:CFM-1.5-268-GRNSAND

1.5CUFT;GRNSAND;268-742;  RT 10X54

Valumax™ Autotrol Backwashing Filter Systems enables you to enjoy cleaner, stain free laundry; protected plumbing; cleaner dishes and fresh tasting water.  Iron, manganese and sulfur are oxidized and removed from your water, eliminating ugly staining und unpleasant tastes and odors.

Backwashing Filters Standard Features:
• 1” Distributor w/Upper Basket
• Time Clock Control “Clock is Simple to Set”

Please note: It is important on most filters, to maintain
3/4” drain line to ensure sufficient Backwash Flow Rates.

MANGANESE GREENSAND (iron and sulfide removal)

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