Filox Iron Filter 1.5 Cu. Ft.

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Chemical - Free Filox  Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide & Manganese Filter

Filox™ is used for removing iron, hydrogen sulfide ( Rotten Egg Smell ), and manganese from water supplies. It is a media that utilizes an oxidation-reduction reaction and filtration process similar to Greensand, but at a much higher level of performance. Filox-R™ contains 80% manganese dioxide in an extremely unique cluster format for enhanced performance and maximized capacity. Filox-R™ out performs Greensand, Brim, etc. due to the purity of its particles, superior oxidation/filtration capacity, and durability.


  • Filox is a High performance media for iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese removal.
  • Filox alone under the right conditions is capable of handling up to 15 ppm (parts per million) iron, 7 ppm hydrogen sulfide, and 3 ppm manganese
  • Effective PH range 5.0 to 9.0
  • No oxidizing chemicals needed for regeneration.
  • Filox Media out performs traditional media such as Birm® and Greensand.
  • System uses the advanced Vortech ™ mineral tank with superior flow properties. This tank requires no gravel underbedding with Filox.
  • Highest flow rate of any standard iron removal media, 6 gpm/cu.ft service flow; 12-15 gpm/sq.ft backwash rate.
  • 57 lbs per 1/2 cubic foot.

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