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Manganese Greensand Filters

The manganese greensand filters (also known as iron filters) are useful for filtration when elevated iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese are found in the water supply. These filters require periodic regeneration with potassium permanganate. These iron filters are the best choice for superior water quality, longevity and reliability.

Waterite’s Greensand filter enables you to enjoy cleaner, stain-free laundry, protected plumbing, cleaner dishes and fresher tasting water. Iron, manganese and sulfur are oxidized and removed from your water, eliminating ugly staining and unpleasant tastes and odours.


Media (cu ft)     1.5
Service Flow Rate (GPM)    3
Peak Flow Rate (GPM)   6
Backwash Flow Rate (GPM)   7
Pot Perm Regeneration (oz)   6
Fiberglass Tank Size (in)      10 x 54    

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