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Product Description

E-Treat Drinking Water Systems are environmentally friendly and are designed to improve water taste. The E-treats filter reduces unpleasant odors, chlorine, and organic substances typically found in drinking water. Treated water enables easier rinsing and reduced water usage in addition to improved taste.

Triple cartridge  unit with bracket, head,sediment ,carbon cartridge and hollow fiber membrane, faucet  and 3/8 quick connect fittings.

The ideal, low cost alternative to reverse osmosis technology

  • No tank
  • No reject water
  • No pressure problems
  • No sumps
  • No mess
  • No fuss
  • Easy Installation
  • Low cost


  • Great tasting drinking water for pennies on the gallon
  • No trips to the store to buy bottled water
  • Water flow shuts off when cartridges are removed


Replacement Cartridges;


                                     ETRCS           E-Treat Melt blown sediment cartridge
                                     ETRCAC        E-Treat carbon block cartridge
                                     ETRCHFM      E-Treat hollow fiber membrane cartridge

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