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CHLORPLUS 20BB  20" x 4.5" Carbon Block 1MIC  355753-43

Pentek ChlorPlus 20BB Chloramine removal Water Filter Cartridge is a 20" x 4.5" Carbon Block 1 micron Water Filter cartridge # 355753-43 designed to remove chloramines from drinking water. ChlorPlus Water Filter is a premium, high capacity Chloramine, Taste and Odor reduction cartridge that also reduces chlorine and sediment.

Chloramines, (also known as monochloramines ) is chlorine combined with ammonia. The chemical has become a popular alternative to free chlorine for water treatment, because it has less odor. The Pentek Chlor Plus Water Filter Cartridge is a 1 micron cartridge that is designed to removes chloramines. Pentek Carbon block Chloramine reduction cartridge also provides sediment reduction.

355753 Pentek ChlorPlus 20BB specifications

Filter size: 20" x 4 1/2" ( 508 x 114 mm )
Micron Rating: 1 micron nominal
Temparature Range: 40-125°F (4.4 - 51.7°C)
Initial ∆P (psi) @ Flow Rate (gpm): 6.0 psi @ 4 gpm ( 0.41 bar @ 15.2 L/min )
Chlorine Taste and Odor Reduction @ Flow Rate (gpm): > 500,000 gallons @ 4.0 gpm (>1,892,706 liters @ 15.2 L/min)
Chloramine Reduction @ Flow Rate (gpm): 700 gallons @ 4 gpm (26,498 L @ 15.2 L/min )

  • Filter Media: Advanced bonded PAC.
  • End Caps: Polypropylene.
  • Inner Wraps/Core: Polyolefin.
  • Outer Wraps/Shell: Polyolefin.
  • Netting: Polypropylene.
  • Gasket: Santoprene.

Powdered activated carbon (PAC) has a relatively smaller particle size when compared to granular activated carbons and consequently, presents a large surface to volume ratio.

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