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Many ground water supplies often have multiple problems that are not only an issue from an aesthetic standpoint but in terms of cost when pipes become clogged, fixtures stained and laundry discolored. Combination units use mixed beds of a variety of different medias to provide one solution for your water woes.

HIM Series - Hardness, Iron and Manganese

Rid your water of hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium) and enjoy soft skin, silky hair, spot free dishes and brighter laundry protecting your plumbing and water using appliances from scale build-up. Removing iron and manganese will keep fixtures from getting stained as well as removing the taste and smell.

  • True 1" porting provides high flow rates for larger homes
  • Exclusive NSF Certified electronic control valve
  • Fully adjustable cycles allow for the most efficient settings based on the specific water quality requirements
  • Large 4 line Touch Pad LCD display. No confusing symbols or codes
  • Automatic reserve - adjusts based on actual usage
  • Automatic System Flush refreshes system during periods of non use preventing bacteria growth
  • Soft Water Recharge performs quick regeneration ensuring you never run out of soft water
  • Soft Water Brine Tank Refill conserves capacity and keeps brine tank clean
  • Time saving quick connect features on bypass, drain line and power cord
  • Meter immediate; meter delayed; meter override; vacation and calendar clock modes
  • Self charging capacitor keeps date / time of day for 48 hours while programming remains in permanent memory
  • Space saving bypass with integrated turbine meter
  • Seven Year Control Valve Warranty, Lifetime Warranty on Tanks


  • Salt Used - Per Regeneration                 24.0 lbs
  • Water Used - Regeneration                     101.4 gal
  • Hardness Removal - Grains                    60,000
  • Resin Quantity (ft3)                                  2.0
  • Tank Size                                                  12 X 52
  • Brine Tank Size (inches)                          20.3 X 37.4
  • Salt Storage Capacity                               350 lbs
  • Flow Rate @ 15 psi Pressure Drop          12.2 gpm
  • Flow Rate @ 25 psi Pressure Drop          16.1 gpm
  • Backwash Flow Rate                                 3.5 gpm
  • Shipping Weight                                        175 lbs
  • Regeneration Type                                    Co-Current / Down Flow
  • Maximum Hardness                                   75 Grains Per Gallon
  • Maximum Iron (Ferrous)                             10 ppm
  • Maximum Manganese                                 5 ppm
  • Resin Type                                                   Purolite SST-60

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